What is GUARDS?

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GUARDS is intended as an animated television series and/or a comic strip style book series.  Currently in production is a visual pitch book 
and strategy guide for eventual network or publisher consideration.  The visual guide currently includes a behind the scenes tour of how GUARDS came to life, the entire cast of fully rendered character models and expressions, bios and settings, a 22 episode first season with each episode fully synopsized, as well as further merchandising and franchising proposals.  The strategy guide provides a "how to" in regards to the plans for the series along with the look, intent, audience, as well as other important supporting information.  In addition to all of that, GUARDS is ...
James is currently promoting GUARDS locally throughout the historic town of Ridley Park, Pennsylvania, the very place that serves as inspiration to it's characters, settings and stories!  "The good townsfolk have given me an opportunity to advertise and spread the word in as many ways as possible and I've recieved a great deal of positive feedback and encouragement!  Thank you so much to all of my friends both old and new for everything!" ~ James  

... I can say with a full heart and a big smile that GUARDS has been a passion project for me since the beginning... a major influence on the development of the series was my friendship with Mr. Logan, the late, great nightwatchman of the wonderful, real world Ridley Park Swim Club, the summer time pool that my fictional world of Rupadega Park Swim Club is based on.  I was a lifeguard and he was the nightwatchman and a dear friend... I miss him very much and dedicate GUARDS to his memory and hope to honor our friendship through the continuing creative efforts of Russell and myself.  To quote the nightwatchman, "This place is a gem."  ~ James
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