Friday, June 29, 2012

Mini-GUARDS!!! - part 2 - The Ridley Park Adventure!

The Mini-GUARDS Character Standees are READY TO ROLL!!
... and WHERE are they headed??? ..
.. to RIDLEY PARK, of course!!! 
(the real-world inspiration for Rupadega Park)
I thought that it would be good for the cast to spend a day in the town that inspired their series!
.. so, I let the GUARDS Gang check out the Shoppes in Ridley Park's Center of Town
while I ran some errands of my own .. 
..UH.. well, I also took photos at Manager Ray's request ..
.. the sun was shining and Wilton & the rest seemed to be enjoying themselves!
Not only did they check out most of the businesses, they got to meet the shop owners too!! 
.. they were greeted with a whole bunch of friendliness and enthusiasm along 
with a little bit of curiosity from townsfolk!
.. sure, they kept wondering when they were going to be heading back 
to their fictional world of Rupadega ..
.. but once I got them out of the blistering heat for a while ..
.. they felt okay to explore the town for a little bit longer.  
All in all, I'd say they had a blast!  
Ridley Park's a quaint little town filled with charm and good people! 
.. that's why it's the inspiration for Rupadega Park, the fictional world of GUARDS!
.. and so I packed the gang into my car and made my way home!  
The mini-GUARDS will not be with me much longer though because there's 
one place they have yet to visit in Ridley Park!!
.. and the owners of this particular business are very enthused by GUARDS!! 
.. SO enthused in fact they've decided to display the mini-GUARDS standees and 
Artwork throughout the summer for everyone in Ridley Park to see!
.. and what is the name of this awesome establishment???
.. the very popular Ridley Park Restaurant!!
.. to learn more about 
click HERE!
.. Thank You for taking the time to follow along with the Mini-GUARDS Artwork Article!
Be sure to check out the above link to learn more about the NEW gallery showcase!! 

Russell & I are very thankful to the owners of The Gas Light for the opportunity to share GUARDS with the people of Ridley Park!  The series has developed from my experiences 
growing up in Ridley and I'm ecstatic to get people in town involved with its development! 

"Thaaaat's All, Folks!!"
(for now!)

~ James 

Friday, June 22, 2012

Mini-GUARDS!!! - part 1.5

"Only a few more Characters to go!!!"  
... I'm in the final stages of crafting the complete GUARDS
Cast of Mini-Standees!
It's been fun gluing .. and slicing.. and manufacturing the darned things..
BUT soon enough I will be putting them to work!!!
... I've got plans for the whole gang of them!!!!!

~ James

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Mini-GUARDS!!! - part one

 "Mini-GUARDS Character Standees"
are in the works, folks!!!
 The whole gang of Rupadega Park Swim Club LIFEGUARDS
(along with Nightwatchman LOGAN, Managers Ray & Laurie AND Joe Pool)
 are another step closer to becoming REAL!!!!
 ... and WHY am I doing this???
no no no.. that's silly!  
... I guess that you will have to wait until PART TWO of my 
Mini-GUARDS Artwork Article to find out just what I have up my sleeve...

Until then... thaaaaat's all, Folks!!!

~ James

Monday, June 18, 2012

NIGHTWATCHMAN T-Shirts, Bookmarks, & Posters!!!!!!

to Support the Continuing Creative Efforts of James & Russell of RJA Creations!! 
 Mr. Logan, the mysterious NIGHTWATCHMAN of Rupadega Park Swim Club
is one of the main characters in the GUARDS© Universe!!!
And NOW you can support our cause as you support his ...
 ... The NIGHTWATCHMAN Artwork Package includes:
~ a Double Sided Illustration Bookmark,
~ an 11x17" Artwork Poster,
~ a Custom Created NIGHTWATCHMAN T-Shirt
featuring the RPSC Night-time Hero in
Suspended Action Pose!!!
... All purchases contribute to the continuing development of GUARDS© as a 
Series Treatment for consideration for Television & Film.  

Click HERE for More Info
on this LIMITED EDITION Package. 

~ James

Friday, June 15, 2012


... HERE I GO...
in Metropolis, Illinois
.. after a grueling 13 hour drive from Ridley Park, Pennsylvania, to Metropolis, Illinois ...
(It was a tad bit tiring...)
I arrived on the scene!!!!!
THAT'S RIGHT! And it was well worth the effort.
This trip marked my second time in Metropolis and for those who don't already know ...  
... It's the official Home of Superman in the country.  
There's a giant bronze painted statue of the hero in the center of town and there's also
Superman Museum, which houses all sorts of franchise collectibles. 
This year, I got to meet and spend time working with television's 
SUPERBOY Actors, Gerard Christopher & John Rockwell
So cool to be a part of TEAM SUPERBOY for the weekend.
Wonderful experience!!! Good people indeed!
It was also amazing to spend time with the friends that I made from last years Celebration!!!  
They are from all over the country.  If only I could see them more often, but that's what
makes the Annual SM Celebration unique, in my opinion.  The excitement that everyone expresses
in seeing one another is quite authentic and moving.
I even got to meet actors John Glover & Cassidy Freeman of TV's SMALLVILLE.
All in all an awesome trip.  
It's a special kind of Event and I think that even non-superhero 
enthusiasts can find some charm in it.  
I brought a bunch of artwork with me to share with folks ... 
... but it's the good times and inspiring moments that I bring home with 
me that motivate me to continue developing
GUARDS and to make artwork that 
means something to me and hopefully to others.
So.. UP, UP, & AWAY.  I say.
 For the future!!!