Wednesday, May 30, 2012

RPSC Tote Bags, Towels & Shirts.. OH MY!!!

... I'm greatly thankful for the incredibly enthusiastic assistance of my wonderful Mother!
Together, we printed a whole bunch of awesome RUPADEGA PARK SWIM CLUB ..
... THANKS MA & excellent work!!!  TEAM LINCKE, indeed!
... my canine pal, Otis, patiently observed our creative efforts. 
... and where can you find these RPSC GOODIES???? ...
.. at the upcoming WIZARD WORLD PHILADELPHIA of course!!!! 
.. the event starts this Thursday evening, May 31st, and runs til Sunday, June 3rd!
Check out the above Link for more info.
~ James

Monday, May 21, 2012

22 Episodes of Fun in the Sun

... that's what I told myself back in November of 2011 upon returning home from a 
marvelous trip to London ...
( YES, I did swim across the pond, no airplane for me!!! no no, I kid..)
... back home in Ridley Park, Pennsylvania, I decided to begin 
scripting an extensive rough draft for a
 22-Episode Season of GUARDS©
... I've been writing and sketching lifeguard comic-strips, cartoons, jokes & 
story concepts for years ... filling numerous notebooks and journals with all sorts of
crazy stuff!!! ... BUT the challenge of writing a complex narrative featuring all
of the characters that I've spent years developing was always looming over me .. 
I've always imagined GUARDS© as an episodic series ...
 ... so I knew that I had to do it and DANG IT ...
the best way to get something done ... is to JUST DO IT!  Just JUMP into the pool & SWIM.
STROKE!!! STROKE!!! STROKE!!!! and breathe!! and KICK, BLOW BUBBLES, and breathe ..
So, I finally dedicated myself to writing 22 stories that would span the course of a summer season. 
( Funny stuff ... FUNNY STUFF!!!!!)
 I'm proud of myself for taking on the challenge and am quite pleased with the results.  
Russell and I are currently going through my 106 page Season One draft and are preparing leaner 
versions of the episode descriptions.  
Our hope is to contact publishing houses as well as film & animation studios 
to pitch GUARDS© as a series. 
I would love to share the stories now, but hopefully someday in the near future Russell and I will be 
able to do just that in the grand, animated style that we imagine!!


~ James 

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


... Well, they aren't meant to look 3D!

The final batch of hand-printed RPSC GUARD Tote Bags will be available as FREE GIVE-AWAYS at the upcoming Wizard World Philadelphia, where Russell and I are on the roster as guest artists.  

... not only will there be RPSC Tote Bags, also available will be Bookmarks, Prints, T-Shirts & much more. 

... so mark the Event on your calendars and come see us!!!  

... in the mean-time, I will try to print as many Tote Bags as I can ...
and maybe if you're lucky you'll get one of the rare 
3D Limited Edition versions  ...

"Happy Wednesday"
~ James

Monday, May 14, 2012


There are a handful of Swim Clubs involved in the "Delco C Division Swimming League" wherein the Rupadega Park Hammerheads aim to come out on top this summer!  

... and the PROSPECT PARK FROGS aren't the only rivals for RPSC to overcome .. they'll have to practice day and night if they hope to out-swim the likes of the wackadoo ALDAN CRABS, the scurvy YEADON SQUIDS, the jerky NASSAU SEADOGS, and last but not least .. the riotous RIDDLEWOOD SEA-HORSES! 

"HOLY COW!!!!!!!!"


Friday, May 11, 2012


The members of Rupadega Park Swim Club's summer-time Swim Team have their work cut out for them, that's for sure!  
The PROSPECT PARK FROGS are a band of aquatically inclined rivals known for their wicked tongues and rowdy attitudes. 

Rupadega Park & Prospect Park, being neighboring towns, and are more than often engaged in rivalries of all kinds!   

So, which "Park" do you think has the right stuff?  The gusto, the mojo?? .. to come out on top?

.. as the RPSC Hammerheads always say, "It's not easy being green ... with envy!" 


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

the MAIN CAST Taking Shape

The development of the GUARDS Main Cast has been a long, winding, creatively challenging & rewarding road ...  

... consisting of sketching and Sketching and SKETCHING and "SKETCHING" ...

... but ya' got to do what ya' got to do!  
It's absolutely critical to keep on drawing and to pour out all of your ideas and to sketch, erase, revise, redraw, and to immerse yourself in the development process ... 

... and it's always been important to me to create a a strong ensemble cast of lifeguard characters to be the foundation for the series.  The day to day happenings at the swim club are... after-all, their stories.    

... "The world of GUARDS will take shape once I've figured out the Main Cast!" 
That's what I have always told myself ...

... and so I've drawn from my own experiences as a lifeguard and swim club manager to inject into the development of each character a unique look and personality...  


... and it has been a lot of fun for me to draw from such a wonderful time in my life, a time that I look back on and smile.  This series offers me the opportunity to create artwork inspired by my own life ... 


... to homage past friendships and relationships ...

... to create a new chapter in my own life by continueing my lifeguard adventures ... 

... even several years after retiring from my summer-time gig.   

... and now with the main cast of characters illustrated, fully realized, assembled, and READY FOR ACTION ...

 ... the STORIES can be told ... 

 ... and there are many stories to tell, INDEED!  

So, Stay Tuned.


~ James