Saturday, March 31, 2012


Pool-Rat legion leader Bert Unster has been apprehended by Mr. Logan, the RPSC Nightwatchman extraordinaire!  It's suspected that Unster was the mastermind behind unleashing the DERANGED FOWL from Rupadega Park Lake onto the swim club late in the evening on the 4th of July!

Unster allegedly wrangled a dozen or so of the screw-ball lake-side dwelling Ducks, force fed them high doses of super-sugar deluxe sized pixie sticks and then let them loose upon the RPSC late into the evening on the night of the 4th causing wide-spread panic amongst pool-goers and staff!!!!

The ducks were not harmed and have since been calmed and returned to the RP Lake, but as for Unster.. the Nightwatchman claims he will be banned from the club for several weeks!   There is great speculation, however, that Unster might have his punishment revoked by the RPSC management due to Logan's insufficient evidence to back up his claim.  

"Oh Fudge..."

 "Oh' Fudge.." sniveled Bert Unster, the pool-rat legion leader.


MARIO is a ding-dong young assistant... to the assistant ... to the assistant...  to the Swim Team Coach for RPSC in charge of the "Time-Trial Clock!"  He wears the over-sized time-trial clock during practices to help time laps for swimmers. 

the MAYOR of Rupadega Park!

Hank, the super-awesome, friendly, and eccentric MAYOR of Rupadega Park, is an age-old beanpole and long-time good buddy to Mr. Logan, the cantankerous and mysterious RPSC Nightwatchman. 
And HOLY COW!! a CHAMPION indeed!! ..  Hank was most recently voted "#1 Mayor in Pennsylvania!"  

He can usually be seen strolling (wearing his classic Top-Hat, Bow-tie & Suit)  the streets of Rupadega Park - greeting folks, shaking hands, all the while being as cheerful as can be... expressing a great interest in the day to day lives of RP's residents.  

He has a good heart and aims to help best he can in preserving the Rupadega Park Swim Club.  He does, however, face obstacles along the way of the likes of Harper & Langooth, the well to do dynamic wrinkly duo of DOOM fixated on securing the RPSC land for themselves to do with it what they please (which involves permanently sending RPSC down Memory Lane) .. 

Keep an eye out for good ol' Hank, who usually makes an appearance at just about every RP town meeting, party, fundraiser, and social event!

Friday, March 30, 2012


The HAMMERHEAD SHARK, Rupadega Park Swim Club's aquatic Mascot Character, is the brain-child of lifeguard Wilton Wunder!  He's been a member of the swim club since he was 4 years old and when he was around 5 years old he thought it would be fun to have a Hammerhead Shark (his most favorite shark on the entire planet!!!!) be the official mascot for the club (since at the time there was no mascot... how ridiculous is that????).   

He pitched his idea to the then Head Manager Trav Snivels, who shot the idea down straight away! He was a wormy dude who despised undersea creatures... Nonetheless, Wilton being the outgoing and quirky young fella that he was went on to illustrate posters featuring his Hammerhead creation and hung them all around the club and all around town!  After a while folks started to think it was an official decision from the Board of Directors and Management to have the Hammerhead be the new mascot for RPSC and that the multitude of shark illustrations hanging up all over town pointed to some sort of RPSC promotional campaign!!!  

Edgar Wolf, one of the age-old co-founders of RPSC and the then President of the Board of Directors eventually gave Wilton the okay for his Hammerhead to be the new OFFICIAL mascot.   It even went on to become the most recognizable and integral image associated with the club.  It became their logo so to speak.

The Hammerhead Shark COSTUME is a creation that was donated by an inner city Philadelphia Theater company.  The shark costume was originally created for and used in an off-Broadway experimental one-night only stage adaptation of the 1975 American thriller film JAWS...  


What more is there to say about a 4 foot tall quiet scruffy looking Mole-ish pool-going dude who likes to bask under the sun while listening to swing blues and jazz tunes on his 80s style portable radio?

.... A Rupadega Park Swim Club ENTHUSIAST no doubt! 


Cardow Johnsky is a member of the Rupadega Park Swim Club Board of Directors, elected to oversee maintenance and upkeep of the Building and Grounds.  Much like the rest of the BOD he cares a great deal about the preservation of RPSC and the continued success of the club for the future.  He can be a bit hard on the lifeguard staff from time to time, tossing his weight around hootin' and hollerin' for them to keep busy, to stay out of the guard-lounge and to clean, clean, CLEAN!  He's all business, but certainly knows how to cut loose when an Adult Splash Party rolls around, that's for sure!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

HARPER & LANGOOTH, the Villains!

 A little bit of Rupadega Park town history for y'all... 

  Pennsylvania is a rich historical state and within it the quaint little Philadelphia suburban town of Rupadega Park plays home to many men, women and children - families... It was founded by Ridley Winthorpe Rupadega in 1872.  Ridley went on to hire Richard Louis Copeland, a noted Boston landscape architectural designer, to develop a grand and elaborate plan for a residential park community which eventually became known as the Borough of Rupadega Park! Copeland’s design for RP is today considered one of the earliest master planned neighborhoods of the county region and because of its exquisitely landscaped parks and its 25-acre man-made lake, Rupadega Park became widely known and popular as a summer-time resort for wealthy Philadelphians. 

Now.... onto Harper & Langooth, two descendants of the late 19th - early 20th Century wealthy entrepreneurial RP vacationers.. between the both of them they own a great deal of land in Rupadega Park.  Harper, Rupadega Parks premiere Real Estate mogul, aims to buy RPSC.. to demolish it!  He's a stocky, dirty wizard looking old crab who despises "water holes" as he refers to swim clubs.  Langooth, a wrinkled bird-like businessman and owner of most of the shops of Rupadega Park, also has an interest in securing ownership and control of the swim club's hunk of prized ol' land.  His interest in RPSC involves not only demolishing it, but then building a giant DELUXE CASINO FACILITY!  Together, Harper and Langooth are a force to be feared!!!  Their interest in reshaping Rupadega Park into a cheap tourist attraction whilst robbing the town of its homegrown charm is the source for many of the GUARDS story-lines.  

Rupadega Park Swim Club, while rundown and in dire need of financial recovery, is a fifty-something year old landmark in Rupadega Park.   Wilton Wunder and his lifeguard chums aim to save their grand ol' lady from becoming one of Harper and Langooth's defiled bimbos!  They'll not rest until they concoct a scheme to foil the ol' buzzards once and for all and to SAVE THE SWIM CLUB! 

... And to quote lifeguard Wilton Wunder, "Bring on the Wrecking Ball, if you have the balls, Bozos!"   

Swim Team Coaches, KEVIN & MASTRO!

COACH KEVIN is the RPSC Swim Team Head Coach!  He's a comical, laid back, beach loving young dude....  but when it comes to coaching the Rupadega Park Swim Club Swim Team he's all business, baby!  His friendly jokester demeanor usually wins over and inspires his team members, their parents and the general RPSC pool-patron populous!  He aims to WIN BIG by leading the RPSC Hammerheads out of the dark age of defeat and into a new realm of victory! His ultimate GOAL? .... To instill in youngsters the WILL TO SWIM!

The RPSC Assistant Swim Team Coach, Kristen Mastro, is the spice to Kevin's sugar so to speak.  She used to be a star swimmer on the RPSC team and now assists in training youngsters to be hardcore swimming beasts!!!!  She's got an edge and can more than often be a bit loud and overbearing, but she, like Kevin, wants the best for the swimmers and for RPSC.


Porky belly boys Brecker & Jester GOOSETON are brothers who LOVE the SLIDING BOARDS at RPSC! Oh, they also LOVE.... the SNACK-BAR!!  Their daily routine involves filling their stomachs with salty treats and candy sweets before lunging belly up into the tube-slides in which they usually require a suntan lotion and butter massage from the lifeguards to get loose!  


No Pool-float, noodle, or raft is safe at RPSC from the pirate-like stylings of Bert Unster and his Pool-Rat cohorts!! ... the gigantic dinosaur shaped Flub, a well known drifting play-time vessel, is a treasured prize to be won by the nefarious Unster and his team!      

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

the Notorious "BAT-MAN" of RPSC!

Well, there HE is! ...Hanging by his ankles from atop the High Dive like a CHAMPION WEIRDO! 

Monday, March 26, 2012

the "ZOD-SQUAD" of RPSC!

"CHESTER WAGS" & "MONSTER-TOP," a Jerk Pair of Summertime Scumbag POOL-RATS!

Pool-Rat Legion members "Chester Wags" and Jessie Green aka "Monster-Top" are key members of the Piranha Lad's band of mischievous swim club inhabitant misfits.  One wears rubber gloves on his hands, feet and atop his crooked dome and the other adorns herself in hand-sewn cotton Creature Feature winter-wear.  Both are outlaws! The Lifeguards of RPSC better watch out for these two! 


   By: Russell R.  Cera

   Hello and welcome all!  

   Monthly, we will attempt to provide our personal reflections on the progress of GUARDS© or present subject matter related to the process of conceiving and creating properties!

   Here we are in the third month of 2012, over ten years into James' (Lincke) genesis of GUARDS© and nearly two years into the development of it as a cohesive storyline adapted by Jim and myself (Russ) collectively (RJA Creations), as an animated comedy series for publication or broadcast!  

 Wow... we have come a long way!  To explain briefly, this is what inspired us to create the lifeguardstudio in the first place - to display the vast amount of never before released work and effort, some of which can and cannot be included in a treatment pitch intended for consideration.  And while we've made great strides toward the completion of a written and visual guide to all that is GUARDS©, there is still so much to do!  

  Trust me when I tell you, there isn't enough time or space or energy to display everything, from Jim's original concepts, drawings, notes and story lines to the fully rendered imagery, characters and episodes that signify the GUARDS© of today.  With several other RJA Creations projects underway as well, personal art obligations and full time positions, development while consistent, can be at times frustratingly slow.  At least that is how it feels, much like watching a pot boil, as creators and developers, we notice every little bubble that bursts into the next bigger one and so on and so on!  What we do not realize often enough is when we stand back from GUARDS© and witness the journey that it is to this point today, the overall progress is startling!  

   This Animated Comedy Adventure Series is cooking! 

  Our main goal as of the mid to latter part of 2011 and into this year has been story conception and writing.  While we are not creating the actual word for word scripts at this point, we are certainly laying the foundation to do so.

   As of this blog, we are in the final stretch of conceiving, writing and synopsizing what we propose as the first season of GUARDS© - a 22 episode extravaganza that follows our watering hole heroes as they attempt to save their beloved Rupadega Park Swim Club from the dastardly hands of outside forces bent on bringing it down!  We are currently up to episode 19 and turning the corner to the resolution of the season!  This has been the most exciting part and probably the most rewarding as a collaborative effort.  James, from all he noted of his personal experiences as a lifeguard, chooses the delicious parts and pieces, writing loose full episodes with a bounty of characters and plot. Then we review, at times finding more effective ways to tell the story or deliver a punchline, honing it, shaping it and molding it until we are ready to mash it down into a synopsis. Finally, I take all those wonderful ingredients and hopefully whip it into an engaging, fun short story for each!  This has been a perfect process and very convincing step; that from all of the wild zany people and happenings Jim experienced we're transforming it all into actual characters and plots that live and breathe far beyond our expectations!

  Meanwhile these episodes, while completely hilarious and original onto their own, fit like a puzzle piece into a broader story line that signifies the season as a whole!  In other words, we aren't just creating a simple episodic series, where the same set of circumstances happen consistently.  We are creating a series, in which our characters and their adventures continually develop and change while the lessons learned and zany experiences are as diverse with each rise of the sun over the RPSC!

  Check back for more updates, artwork and all that is GUARDS©!  Thank you for visiting!


Beavis & Butthead at RPSC

The GREATEST, most reliable, courageous, and handsome Lifeguards in the history of life-saving ... have come to RUPADEGA PARK SWIM CLUB!!!

Sunday, March 25, 2012


What more can I say? The boy LOVES his Beach Ball.. 

ARNIE GHUMP, the RPSC Lawnmower-Man!

My boy Arnie Ghump here will surely give "The Simpson's" Groundskeeper Willy  a run for his money!  He does on occasion tend to run over pool floats and noodles with his riding mower.  Not the sharpest fork in the drawer that's for sure. But, he is a funny dude.  


"Your Home...
of Fun..
in the Sun!"


The summertime wouldn't be complete without the day to day shenanigans of the mischievous delinquent monster children.. of the POOL-RAT LEGION of DOOM!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

the Mysterious PIRANHA-LAD of RPSC!

 Behold the diabolically delinquent bringer of DOOM.... the mysterious masked "PIRANHA-LAD" of RPSC is the super-villainous alter-ego of Bert Unster, pool-rat extraordinaire! Expect Unster along with his Pool-Rat Legion of Doom cronies to wreak endless havoc on the lifeguards throughout the summer season.

Friday, March 16, 2012


   Welcome one and all to The Lifeguard Studio! - Your home for all GUARDS© related info, news, updates, artwork, video, merchandise and all around Summertime Fun In the Sun!  Creator, illustrator, writer and producer James Lincke, along with illustrator, writer and producer Russell R. Cera bring to you this vast, hilarious universe about a troop of teen-aged lifeguards and their hilarious experiences, encounters and exploits, all while working at a seasonal run down public swim club!  While GUARDS© is currently in development as an animated comedy adventure series for television, the two man team of RJA Creations© made the decision to share the journey, with you the potential fans and followers, in hopes to garnish acknowledgement and better tell the entirety of an ongoing project that is literally over ten years in the making!  To celebrate opening the creative studio doors of RJA Creations© to you the public, without further adieu, we present the first official GUARDS© preview trailer!  In later articles, James and Russell will share insight into the production of this as well as the GUARDS© project as a whole!  So thank you from RJA Creations© for joining us and we hope to receive feedback or make some friends and followers along the way!  "Hammerheads Ho!"